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ORCHA team up with the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine

06 April 2018


We have teamed up with the British Society for Lifestyle Medicine (BSLM) to provide an online platform for members to prescribe ‘apps’ to patients.

In their recent newsletter, Dr Sohaib Imtiaz MPH, wrote:

Digital health is advancing rapidly and patients are increasingly engaging with apps and using their smartphones to stay healthy. A health professional can’t be present all the time for patients and apps help empower patients to take charge of their own health. Many apps use the principles of gamification, tracking and health promotion to enable patients to become healthier which over time enables behaviour change. ORCHA has created a search engine for reviewed health apps that have been rated by their team after going through a robust process. The search engine allows you to search for an app based on keywords and demographic details with results featuring apps with different ratings for clinical effectiveness, data security and the pro and cons. ORCHA has produced bslm.orcha.co.uk, which is tailored for the BSLM with a consistent theme and a focus on apps geared towards lifestyle medicine.

Signing up for a pro account allows you to ‘prescribe’ apps to your patients by sending a ‘link’ via messaging such as text or e-mail. Preventative medicine is going to increasingly rely on Digital therapeutics to help people stay healthy. Increasingly patients will want digital solutions and the ORCHA platform allows you to have a validated method of suggesting the best apps for there concerns. As the digital innovation director and an advocate of technology I am excited about the potential this collaboration could bring for promoting lifestyle medicine. If you’re interested in signing up for a pro account, e-mail sam@orcha.co.uk in order to set it up.

Great to be working with the team at BSLM!


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