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Help improve the health and well-being of young people

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What is Digital Healthy Schools

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Everything you need to know about Digital Health!

Pastoral Care

Digital Healthy Schools is a great way to activate your school population to get and stay healthier by engaging in the exciting world of Digital Health.

PSHE Education

Digital Healthy Schools supports the STEM and Child Health agenda with highly interactive and engaging materials and modules.

We're empowering young people

"There are a number of students who say that they have actively made changes to their lifestyles, which is really positive as it seems young people are taking responsibility for their long term health."


the percentage of students who think that digital health is valuable to them or their families


the number of health apps that could change a young person’s behaviour, lifestyle or future health prospects.


the increase in positive use of health apps after a Digital Healthy Schools' programme

Digital Healthy Schools gives teachers the information, support and guidance to help their students explore and understand digital health and see the real difference it can make to their everyday health and well-being.

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Digital Healthy Schools supports schools and teachers in two distinct but complementary ways. As a tool in your Pastoral Care, helping promote great and effective Digital Health solutions to your students and the wider school community or as a highly engaging introduction to Digital Health through the PSHE curriculum

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Pastoral Solution

Your free digital hub gives you and your students access to the powerful ORCHA app finder, with thousands of stringently reviewed health and care apps that are suitable for young people.

Recommend Apps directly to students - whenever you think they might be relevant - with the DHS Pro Solution. The in-built 'Recommend' feature in the DHS Pro Account is ideal for Student Service and Pastoral Care teams.

The app recommendations allow you to actively engage with your students, via safe and secure communication through text or email. Enabling you to guide and empower students to take positive steps to support their own health and well-being.

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* Staff accounts charged separately

PSHE Educational Solution

Expand your students' understanding of digital health, health apps and the positive impact this can have on their health and well-being.

Staff can use the lesson plans and resources to teach their students about responsibly using mobile health. This promotes students' use of the customisable digital hub included in this package, so that students can responsibly search for suitable health and care apps.

The tried and tested resources, designed by experts in teaching, health and technology; can be delivered with no prior knowledge of digital health. This enables teachers to deliver important information about health and technology with minimal planning time.

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* Staff accounts charged separately

The app finder tool and how it can help your students


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